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Robin Panzer 

Chigirie - Hand Torn Paper Fine Art



Mounted and Hand Embellished

Each Fine Art Print is mounted on a solid Birch Panel, Hand Embellished Signed and numbered. Only 200 of each print available.


Shipping within the United States is included for pieces 12 X 12 and larger. There is a nominal shipping fee for the smaller pieces.  Generally it takes about 2 weeks to mount and ship your order.


Certain prints fit square or rectangle sizes better, please don't hesitate to ask for a recommendation for best print size for your piece. 


4 X 4  or 3 X 5       $55.00

(Available as series are released)


6 X 6 or 7 X5         $85.00


8 X 8                   $150.00


8 X 10                 $200.00


10 X 10               $275.00


9 X 12                 $300.00


12x12 or 11X14    $550.00


12 X18                $600.00


16x16 or14 X 18   $650.00  


16x20                  $675.00


20x20                  $750.00


18 X 24               $750.00


24x24                  $850.00


24X36                $1100.00



If you prefer a canvas print instead of birch panel contact me. 


To Order email me at with the size and description of the print you would like.  I will send you an invoice for the print.  Easy pay Buttons coming soon. 



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